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This week we launched the first of our Product Tester competitions, and the first prize giveaway is a camping package. The prize includes a Quechua 2″ XL Air III tent, and also a Quechua 2 person Sleepin’ Bed. In today’s blog, we take a look at the Sleepin’ Bed concept and the range available exclusively at Decathlon.

sleepin bed 1

The concept behind the Quechua Sleepin’ Bed range was a desire to bring the comfort of your own bed to the outdoors whilst camping. Finding the right combination of sleeping bag, mattress and pillows that are portable enough to use whilst camping and provide a comfortable night’s sleep can be a challenge. Whether it’s a wobbly double thickness air bed that is the problem or a sleeping bag that is not the appropriate temperature for the conditions you’re encountering, there are a number of challenges in the way of getting a comfortable night’s sleep whilst camping. However, this is not an impossible dream, as demonstrated by the quality, long-lasting comfort of the Sleepin’ Bed range.

With the exception of the Sleepin’ Bed hike range, all of the beds in the Sleepin’ Beds contains the things that you would have in your bed at home: a mattress, bed sheet and duvet, plus pillows in the camp and camp comfort ranges. Yet unlike your home bed, all of this packs up into a compact bag that is easily transportable.

The Sleepin' Beds are easily transportable as well as comfortable.

The Sleepin’ Beds are easily transportable as well as comfortable.

Within the Sleepin’ Bed range there are a number of different types and sizes each with its own features to suit various camping situations from hiking up a mountain to weekend camping with the family. The four varieties of Sleepin’ beds are:

Sleepin’ Bed Hike – The Sleepin’ Bed hike range are the most portable of all Sleepin’ Beds, folding up small enough to be carried inside a backpack. Rather than a full duvet and mattress like the rest of the range, the hike range instead consists of a sleeping bag with a built-in, detachable mattress inside. This offers a comfortable all-in-one sleeping solution whilst being small enough in terms of folded size to be a realistic option when hiking.

Sleepin’ Bed Basic – The Sleepin’ Bed basic range offers a simple system of a standard air bed and a duvet and is suitable for shorter camping trips. The basic range is available in both single and double sizes.

Sleepin’ Bed Camp – The Sleepin’ Bed camp range is the range that we are giving away in our competition in the double bed size, and is also available as a single bed. This range offers a duvet, sheets, pillows and a very comfortable cellular air bed that gives a true mattress feel.

Sleepin’ Bed Camp Comfort – The Sleepin’ Bed camp comfort range are luxury air beds that contain a duvet, padded sheets, a cellular air bed and a mechanism that allows the air bed to recline up and down. An ideal option for all of you who still look for a bit of luxury even when out camping. Check out the video below to see it in action!

If you haven’t tried one of the Quechua Sleepin’ Beds yet, why not enter our competition? The closing date for entries is 16th August at midnight, and you can find the full Terms and Conditions and can enter by clicking on the following link. If you are not lucky enough to win the competition though, why not pop into one of our stores and discover the range yourself?

To discover the full range of Quechua products available exclusively at Decathlon, please visit our website.

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