A Brief History of B’TWIN

If you’ve tuned in to the Tour de France this year, you might have noticed that the FDJ team look different to normal. Having worn predominantly white ever since the team was founded in 1997, the team are now lined up in an eye-catching blue outfit. And if you look even more closely at the kit, you will notice the B’TWIN logo adorning the jersey. B’TWIN became the a technical partner of the FDJ team this year, providing their clothing. But how did the brand get to this point? Here’s a brief history of B’TWIN

The FDJ team are racing in a blue kit for the first time during this year's Tour de France.

The FDJ team are racing in a blue kit for the first time during this year’s Tour de France.

Decathlon Cycle was born in 1976, with the same goal as the rest of the company – making sport more accessible. This meant providing high-quality yet affordable products, catering for all cyclists no matter their age, intended use or level of competition. Therefore the cycling range provided customers with a cheaper way of getting around, keeping fit and having fun. In 1986 the first of Decathlon Cycle’s own bikes hit the market, and then over the years new bikes were designed and developed to expand the range.

In 1999 the famous B’TWIN 5 was launched, an all round bike for men and women with a unique frame shape to enable all types of customers to ride with ease and comfort. The concept of the bike can still be found in our stores, with the B’TWIN 5 having evolved into the Originals range.

BTWIN logo

In 2006 Decathlon Cycle officially became known as B’TWIN, and four years later the B’TWIN Village was opened in Lille. The B’TWIN Village is not only the B’TWIN headquarters, but also houses a huge B’TWIN store, where not only can you discover the full range of products available, but ride you bike on a variety of surfaces both indoors and outdoors so that you can really test the performance of your bike. The B’TWIN Village also features a full workshop, including areas where you can work on your own bike.

One of the outside test areas at the B'TWIN Village.

One of the outside test areas at the B’TWIN Village.

One of the features of B’TWIN that is relatively unique is the sheer range of products available. Road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid and touring bikes, folding bikes, BMXs and children’s bikes are all available, with clothing ranges designed to suit each of these specific markets. On top of the bikes and clothing ranges, there is also a wide range of accessories, featuring everything from inner tubes and mudguards to cycling computers and home trainers. Whether you are an occassional cyclist or somebody looking for the maximum performance, you will be well catered for within the B’TWIN range.  

B’TWIN works with a range of technical parnters to ensure the highest quality products, both at the top of the range and throughout it. Alongside the partnership with FDJ, B’TWIN also developed the Facet frame alongside the French Under 19 national team. B’TWIN previously provided the bikes for the AG2R team, and you will find the same frames used on the FC range. B’TWIN has a number of other technical partners across the other cycling disciplines – for more details check out the B’TWIN blog.

Most recently, to demonstrate their confidence in the quality of their products, B’TWIN launched a lifetime warranty on all steel and aluminium frames, forks, handlebars and stems. To discover more of the range exclusively available at Decathlon, why not visit on of our stores or check out the range on our website.

One thought on “A Brief History of B’TWIN

  1. Big fan of BTWIN. I started road cycling in 2012 and didn’t have a fortune to spend on a bike. I came across the triban 3 in dECATHLON Belfast and took it home.I did a couple of charity cycles early in 2013 before signing up for the BELFAST- DUBLIN MARACYCLE. The wee Triban performed faultlessly throughout the 220 mile round trip and embarrassed a lot of ‘professionals’ on their flash bikes. In Dublin nobody had heard of BTWIN and could not believe the bike was under £300. So I did a bit of selling I think. My 2 son’s have both bought TRibans now and we are planning on doing all of Irelands ‘GRAND TOURS’ this year as well as following the GIRO ITALIA which starts here in 2014. I might even trade up to a carbon framed BTWIN bike later this year if my wife let’s me. Well done guys.

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